LED Bulb- 5 Watt

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These bulbs Fits into normal bulb holder B22 type; this is the standard and commonly used bulb holder in India. LED lighting is perfect for different lighting needs and applications. Use it for general purpose lighting to save Power.

Suitable for :

• Home

• Office

• restaurant

• Workshop

• Hotel

• Emporium

• Museum

• Theaters

Product Description

• Eco Friendly, LED Energy Saving 14W LED Light Bulb

• Pure White Light

• B22 Base, Good Quality, Fit and Finish.

• AC 220-240V

• LED Viewing Angle:180o

• Features Energy Saving up to 80%

• Much Better than traditional CFL

• Color Temperature: 6500K (Pure White Light)

• Low Power Consumption and Long Life Expectancy

• Environmental Friendly, Easy Installation direct replacement to any CFL bulbs in the Existing bulb holder

• Lifetime: 10, 000 hours

• Not suitable for dimmers or enclosed fixtures.

• Not suitable in outdoor and uncovered or unprotected areas from Water or High Moisture.

• Imported and Newest Product

• 15 days warranty

• Also note that this bulb is an non branded oem bulb and it give you brightness upto 38-40 lumens per watt. It is not at all comparable with very expensive or high cost branded led bulbs which gives brightness upto 100 lumen per watt. If you are looking for more lumen and brightness, then go for major Branded product at higher cost

Benefits of LED Lighting:

• No Electro Magnetic Interference.

• No Mercury: a chemical which can cause severe brain damage and growth defect in adults and children.

• Solid and harder to break.

• Does not flicker, flickering caused by other types of light might give you Headache.

• Instant On and reaches full brightness.

• Good quality of Light (Please ensure you select the correct watt rating for proper light).

• Makes you look more attractive.

• Silent no Buzz no Humm.

• Energy Efficient, upto 80% more efficient than incandescent.

• Lasts very longer.

• Reduce Electricity Bill.

• Save on Maintenance: so that you don’t have to use the ladder anytime sooner.


• Cool to touch: don’t burn yourself.

• Less Heat, Yes this means low A/C Bills

• No Fire Hazard

• Very Economical

• Helps Save your Electricity Cost

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