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Mosquitoes are attracted by the blue UV light lamp. Once they get near the lamp the electric grill electrocutes them for an instant kill. Mosquito Killer attracts bugs from the area around you immediately and kills them instantly. Mosquito killer is very environment friendly and does not use any polluting chemicals & consumes very little electricity. It is maintenance free. It can be used as Night Lamp as well.

Advantages of Mother’s Care Mosquito Killer:

Health: Nox-toxic, non-chemical, and sanitary. As soon as you use this device, you can say bye-bye to the mosquito repellent incense. Let your family (including parents and children) stay safe. It attracts mosquitoes with made by the UV light.

Wide application: It is suitable for the house, restaurant, dormitory, hospital, bars, theatres, office, canteen, kitchen, farm, factory and multiple other places.

How Mosquito Killer works

Plug the electrical plug into the power socket; connect the power to use this product.

After the mosquito killer is turned on, it is recommended to switch off other lights and stay away from strong convective air environment.

Machine should be On 3 hours before you sleep.

When the lights are off the UV Light attracts the mosquitoes and once the mosquitoes comes near the light there are electric bars surrounded where mosquitoes gets trapped and killed.

It should be kept far from the air of the fan.

It should be kept down (half meter from the floor) the room since mosquitoes usually are beneath the beds, sofas, table, chairs etc.

Specifications, its features and advantages

Direct plug –in, Easy to handle

Traps mosquitoes and kills them

Machine should be On 3 hours before you sleep.

Maintenance free

Requires no chemicals

No mats or sprays

No Air & noise pollution


Limited Flow

Low power expenditure, it consumes 5 Watt only

For indoor use only

Acts as a night lamp

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