Brand: Carevel Medical Systems Private Limited
Product Code: C1204
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Rs. 41,055.00

(MECHANICAL)• Steel structure with Mattress area divided into 4 sections provides for 5 different position adjustments.

• Detachable SS framed head and foot bows with laminated panels provide ease of access and a aesthetic look.

• SS/MS Collapsible side railing.

• Corner rubber / PU buffers absorb impact and reduce damage in handling.

• Saline stand provision on four locations.

• Castors of 125mm dia. With diagonal locking are provided for mobility with control.

• The complete metal components are pre treated and epoxy powder coated.

• Positions maneuverable from foot-end by 4 separate crank mechanisms.

• Frame size: 2060 L * 900 W * 600 – 800 H

• Back rest tilt: 0 - 75 degree

• Knee rest tilt: 0 - 35 degree

• Trendlenburg: 0 - 8 degree • Reverse Trendlenburg: 0 - 8 degree Shipping price excluded..Please email us at for further query

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